About DDA N Zone

Our capital city is divided in various zones, though a bit difficult to understand but for the real estate builders it has become easier to categorize their works. These divisions are numbered in alphabetical order like A to P, in its Master Plan Delhi 2021. As per the master plan of Delhi, all the N zones cover those areas that are of 8534 hectares. But this is different from the area that comes under O zone. The area that comes under O zone has been excluded from the zonal area of N Zone. Thus this area now remains 8194 hectare.

Here Zone N is the most benefitted zone as it includes even the remote areas, the rural areas and all those villages that are under developed and not so developed. At the same time these areas need proper developmental activities to convert them in to localities.

Objectives -

Population as per MPD 2021 in the urban areas that have been extended till now is like the density of 250 to 300 people per hectare. This is increasing at an alarming rate for urban existence. Thus the need for more colonies is required. Urbanization and extensions of such localities and development of remote areas is the need of the hour. This is under consideration for the proposed population plan for almost 20 lakhs people.

Zone N of MPD 2021 proposes an integrated land use network system with a development plan concept for effective and speedy implementation by subdividing it into several sectors and identifying various projects. It is only then that the need for so many required numbers of housing units will be fulfilled. Development concept & strategies have been clearly defined and indicated in the zonal plan report.

Physical Properties -

The entire N Zone is well connected with adjacent areas as well as the border of Haryana. It becomes very easy to commute till Haryana as it has proper roads and proper transport system. The entire area is expanded sufficiently and the township carries hectares of land which can accommodate enough housing units. The green belt is vast spread with huge parks and well maintained gardens. There are orchards too that will bring in the feeling of a farm and farmlands. The entire area is an earthquake free zone. It has proper drainage system and proper sewerage system. All the basic amenities are easily available.

Proper commercial zone is almost next to this residential area. This has made the grocery and local shopping easy for the people. They now do not have to commute to far away places for their regular things.

Project under Land Pooling Policy

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